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REMEMBER to slow down.  Take time to notice the delight in children and the magic of their development.

*  REAWAKEN ourselves and our children to a sense of wonder, curiosity, and passion for discovery and new learning.

*  REEVALUATE our goals, and focus our curriculum on relationships with people, spirituality, and the learning process.

*  RECOGNIZE that childhood is a time for intellectual pursuit of social and emotional learning.  It is a time to focus on children’s interests, spiritual awareness, questions, and the skills they are developing.

*  RESPOND to a child’s need for personal attention and time.  We must provide opportunities for children to investigate and practice their existing and new skills in repetition.  Engaging children in activities helps deepen their thinking and ideas, and increase their abilities.  Taking time to explore and express yourself nourishes a love for learning.

*  REFOCUS on the celebrations of meaningful life events and accomplishments.  Observe the small things which occur as part of daily life in the classroom.  Create routines to help everyone pay attention to the miracles of life, the joys of discovery, and the community we create together.

*  REINFORCE collaboration rather than competition.  Provide activities, experiences, and materials which encourage working together.

*  RECONNECT with our community.  Plan activities in our curriculum around real people, real issues, and real work that needs to be completed.

*  REPRESENT the interests and the processes of a child’s environment through the heart of our program.  Take time to observe and create celebrations which honor the events of our daily lives.

*  RENEW ourselves!  We will take time for, and teach our children the value of self reflection and self care.  We will collaborate with our co-workers and other colleagues.

* REVIVE our activism for children and ourselves.  Children need us to champion the importance of childhood, the value of play, the joy of discovery, and how wonderful it is to feel alive.


Since the founding of the congregation in 1775, the people of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church have been led by one guiding principle-to witness the love of God in all we do and say.  In the constitution of the church we call ourselves a “confessing church,”  a church that exist to confess our Lord Jesus Christ in word and deed.  That principle was at work in our midst in 1997 when we first began considering new ways to witness to our faith in the Lord in our community.  For some time, we were aware that dramatic changes involving families were taking place in our society.  Because of economic pressures and a desire for a better life, more and more parents were finding it necessary that both seek full time employment.  This, in turn, increased the needs for families with young children to find quality programs of childcare and educational experiences.  It became obvious that this was an opportunity for our congregation to extend our understanding of God’s love and also to assist in our community in this area of special need.  As our Lord discouraged his disciples from “hindering the little children to come unto Him,” so it seemed appropriate for the church to carry on in our ministry His care for the young.