The center is operational from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


These hours are subject to change and exceptions.  Holidays and Snow Days are examples of days when the Center’s hours may be adjusted or when the center may be closed altogether.  Although the Center is actually open 11 ½ hours per day, NO CHILD’S PRESENCE AT THE CENTER MAY EXCEED TEN HOURS IN ONE DAY.  There will be no exceptions for this rule unless it is an emergency and has been pre-approved by the Director.  If a child is in our care over ten hours the family will be charged $1.00 per minute.   If this occurs more than once, your services are subject to termination.



Official Center Holidays are:

New Year’s Day (another day maybe added depending on how the Holiday falls)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Thanksgiving Day
The Day After Thanksgiving
Christmas Day
The day before or after Christmas


The center will be closed on the above days.  If one of the above holidays falls on a weekend, the holiday will be observed on the closest business day.  For example, if Independence Day falls on a Saturday, the Center will be closed on Friday.  Likewise, if Independence Day falls on Sunday, the Center will be closed on Monday.


WE WILL NOT give credit on any tuition days the center is closed.  Parents are still responsible for payments on holidays and inclement weather days.


The Center will be open for all other holidays.  However, the Center reserves the right to close on any day for which there is not substantial need for care.  Should this occur on a holiday that is not listed above, parents are responsible for payment and tuition credit will not be given.



There will be times when, due to severe weather, the Center’s opening maybe delayed, or the Center may need to close early or entirely.  We follow the Berkeley County Protocol for all inclement weather.


Registration Fee/ Access Card Fee                                      $55.00 annually per child

Additional Access Card Fee                                                 $20.00 for each card

Annual Activity Fee                                                             $40.00 every September

Rate For Or Two's, Preschool and Pre-k Classrooms

Preschool 1 Classroom

Full-Time/ 5 days a week NOT Potty Trained                       $162.00

Full-Time/ 5 days a week Potty Trained                               $157.00

Part-time/ 2-4 days a week                                                $34.00 per day

Part-time/Not Potty Trained                                                 $37.00

Preschool 2 and Pre-K

Full Time Fee/ 5 days a week                                             $152.00 per week

Part Time Fee/ 2-4 days a week                                        $34.00 per day


Rate for our Toddler Program

​Full-Time Only                                                                     $183.00

Sibling Discount is 15% off oldest child

Late /After Hours Charge                                                   $1.00 per minute

Returned Check Fee                                                          $25.00 per check

Late Tuition Payment                                                        $20.00 after Monday


ALL FEES ARE TO BE PAID THE FRIDAY BEFORE SERVICES. This applies to your contract hours even if your child does not attend.


Families will receive a discount of 50% off one week’s tuition for vacation per calendar year.  Families must put a written request into the director two weeks prior to using the discount.